The Redfox Environmental Marine Model has received Bureau Veritas certification for IMO Resolution MEPC 159(55). The IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee resolution applies to all sewage treatment systems installed onboard on or after January 1, 2010.  The Marine Model is designed, manufactured and tested to comply with MEPC 159(55) effluent standards.

This wastewater treatment technology has been utilized by Red Fox for over (25) years. This design is utilized on vessel applications.

The process used by the MSD involves the same three steps as the conventional unit, but the clarifier operates under a fluid head pressure allowing flocculation and settling of the solids in the clarification chamber to occur even when the vessel is in motion:

Coarse Screening: As the influent enters the sewage treatment unit, it passes through a bar strainer. This strainer will catch any large trash such as rags, plastic bags, etc., and prevent it from entering the system.

Aeration: Supports naturally occurring bacteria that eliminates the waste.

Clarification & Settling: Causes the separation of the bacteria sludge from the treated water.

Disinfection: Eliminates the presence of any living bacteria before discharge of the effluent into the environment.


RedFox Model Persons/
Black Water
Black & Gray Water
RF-100-M 5 2
RF-200-M 10 4
RF-350-M 18 7
RF-500-M 25 10
RF-750-M 38 15
RF-1000-M 50 20
RF-1500-M 75 30
RF-2000-M 100 40
RF-2500-M 125 50
RF-3000-M 150 60
RF-3500-M 175 70
RF-4000-M 200 80
RF-4500-M 225 90
RF-5000-M 250 100
RF-5500-M 275 110
RF-6000-M 300 120
RF-7500-M 375 150
RF-9000-M 450 180

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Standard Marine Sanitation Device offers these benefits:

  • Applicable for processing 100 to 9000 gal/day - or crew sizes from 2 to 450.

  • USCG/IMO certified Type II MSD and also meets EPA regulations.

  • Offered in our standard configurations or custom designed special configuration to meet the customer's specifications and space limitations.

  • Low maintenance - Very few moving parts and requirements for maintenance. If maintenance or repairs become necessary, no special tools are required.

  • Low power/utility consumption.

  • No odor.

  • Option of a chlorine generator.

  • Reasonably priced.

  • Operates with fresh or saltwater.

  • No sludge is developed.


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